Prediction.VC is a cryptocurrency investment management platform that combines high quality data streams from trusted external sources with key insights from its expert traders to generate price predictions for virtually any cryptocurrency. 

With PredictionVC you can:

  1. Manage & track your entire portfolio from multiple exchanges

    1. You just need to connect your exchange accounts API or

    2. Manually enter your trade on out platform

  2. Earn money & prizes for your intellectual work

    1. Participate in (virtual) Trading Competitions 

    2. Answer Community Questions 

    3. Update or Add Token Information 

    4. Create Research Articles 

    5. Additional Bounties Coming Soon

    6. And many more ways to earn FREE tokens!

  3. Research and analyze existing projects and ICOs 

    1. Drill down into professional coin evaluations, even before the tokens have entered the market.

    2. Stay ahead of market moving news from leading financial sources 

  4. Receive price predictions from our proprietary machine learning model

    1. Customise your price and news alert preferences so that you receive critical information when you need to.

    2. Know when to enter or exit trades

    3. Discover new token investment opportunities and your optimal risk exposure.