PRED is the ticker symbol for the Prediction token. The token is required to access premium parts of the platform and can also be used across a variety of staking functions as shown in the table below. 

PRED tokens are also paid out on a weekly basis to members that make it onto one of our leaderboard. In essence, this rewards traders, researchers data scientists and developers for valuable information that will contribute to highly accurate scoring. 

Token Use 


Rebate for subscription payment

Users who pay subscription fees with PRED tokens will receive a 20% token rebate in their platform wallet.

Discount on subscription fees

20-40% discount based on the balance of PRED tokens staked.

Priority trade execution for the automated trading bot

Users will compete for priority trade execution by saving PRED tokens. The users with the highest balances have their trades execute first. 

Priority access to price signals

Users will compete for early notifications and limited-release price signals by saving tokens.  The token pool for these alerts will be distinct from the pool for the automated trading bot.

Reward for leaderboard winners

At the start of the period, Prediction.VC will hold the reward amounts in a public wallet.  Payouts will come from this wallet at the end of the period.

Tokens will be used as “skin in the game” for crowdsourced polls

Users will stake tokens on price and ICO predictions. Staking enables members to add confidence to their prediction. Points acquired are then proportional to accuracy and amount staked.